Sunday, 18 September 2016

Broken prince by Erin Watt

*4 bleeding prince Nutella jars* 

The boys that were royals ruled their kingdom come until their corrupted souls made poor Ella run but with all the drama and chaos, Gideon, Reed , Easton and even the twins should have known , brothers would double cross and some secrets broke one too many hearts. Now she's on the run and they're chasing her down, does she come back or do the royals finally loose their crown. 

Her name was Ella and she lived in hell until a Royal came and took her away. He had 5 sons each villainous after the other one , our Ella had to fight her way to stay. They turned her into a royal princess but she did detest each prince that came her way. Rich kids were aplenty, their hearts always thirsty for the new blood that had fallen under the royals grace . The Princess broke her rule and gave her heart she was fool , now the kingdom it bleeds until beating hearts turn blue. The story goes on that ella went because she couldn't comprehend the dark secrets that paved the royal place. There's drama galore and conniving villain of course but that isn't were the story turned grey. The ending it came and brought a new reign, shouldn't have opened the door, the house couldn't hold the tragedy that was about to befold each question that began to ruin the coming days.

"Ella Harper doesn’t forget. Ever."

He was a prince but corrupted since, the king neglected his family in every way. It wasn't his fault or maybe it was but Reed had a whole new person to blame. The Prince he was wicked, his smile slightly crooked, he ran his Kingdom iron fisted and sometimes a bit twisted it was time he knelt down to his impending fate. The boy knew it was just too soon to let his demons roam when the devil was revelling in the chaos and pain. He was known as the dark prince the one with the poisonous kiss but a pair of blue eyes changed his ways, one forgone mistake it was all that it took, for the palace that shook the royals in every which way.

"I was self-destructive, but man, this is self-destruction on a whole new level."

So the chase begins and the royals kick in to find the girl who was more then enough even when everyone else too much, it was more than just a causal hook up , a touch, a kiss maybe something to ignite the buildup but it might be left in vain. Now there's another game that's impending the one with hurt and resentment how long before everyone stated their claim. 

"They’re the prison guards and I’m the inmate.”

The oldest but not the wisest this royal toyed with his own fate .He was hurt, he was damaged , he did something that forgiveness couldn't salvage oh this prince had to take some blame. 

The destructive one who took pleasure from his pain. From the start he was fucked up and this time he was digging his own grave. Beaten , broken and bent these were some of the things he didn't resent but the truth was bitter and Reed might be a sinner , but his beasts weren't the only ones that needed to be tamed.

The one who wore two masks, one made with happiness ,one twisted and dark this prince wasn't part of their charade. So the others didn't let him in on the secret the two older boys kept within and that's how his mask was born, maybe some mistakes where better left unscorned he never played any of their cruel games.

Swayer & Sebastian :
These two royals it was hard to tell which was in love and which pretended to care. Oh these princes they shared , not just their burdens but a special love that belonged to these pair. But like all the royals they had something that was considered poisonous and what if the brothers were doomed by their own vices.

The king of his palace this royal knew , to contrary belief he couldn't be easily screwed.He played along these wicked plans , each son played him like he wasn't suppose to care but he was the king for a reason and enemies beware cause when the king gets off his throne , questions will be asked , hearts will break and untold stories will rise from the past. So while the enemies throw stones at his feet they should run while they can cause a king doesn't respond well to defeat.

“I hope to hell you’re right about this."

So that's it I guess , there's a story I'm trying to tell, this was addictive from the start you'll fall in love and it'll break you apart. Not the one for teen drama but this book left me in readers coma oh we do this to ourselves every single day. October 17th that's when twisted palace will been seen , every kindle is prepared for the royals to ruin them for days. THE. END. BITCHES.

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