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Crooks & Kings by London Miller

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*NOTE*  I've been sick as a dog for the past 2 weeks therefore I wasn't able to post the whole review but tomorrow I'll have the whole thing up with gifs and art. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience but I promise tomorrow I'll have everything up to date and ready to post.

----Teaser for the whole review---

So I took me a whole chapter and half to get into this book cause honestly the beginning really didn't settle well with me cause of reasons. It kind of reminded me of red and I'm still not okay with it besides that LM just keeps on getting better with each installment. So the Den & Wild Bunch are part of the kingmaker series but unlike the den series we don't get a chapter at the end regarding the King maker cause this isn't "IT'S" crew though it does play a vital part in the whole game plan. One thing is for sure I love the names in the wild much series there's 




Yes. That's how excited I am that I made gifs. Can't wait for more.

Title: Crooks & Kings

Series: The Wild Bunch #1

Author: London Miller

Genre: Romantic Suspense/Organized Crime

Release Date: March 20, 2017


In a game of crooks and kings, only the cunning survive … 

She was a girl with secrets.
He was a man with demons.

For her, it was supposed to be a way out from beneath the hands of a man who wanted her dead.
For him, it was supposed to be a job to make amends for a past wrong.

 They were never meant to fall in love.

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Author Bio

With a degree in Creative Writing, London Miller has turned pen to paper, creating riveting fictional worlds where the bad guys are sometimes the good guys. Her debut novel, In the Beginning, is the first in the Volkov Bratva Series.

She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and two puppies, where she drinks far too much Sprite, and spends her nights writing.

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