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Poppy by M.A. Horst

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So here's the thing , the blurb was absolutely captivating hence a jumped at the chance to read this with that being so a date beginning of the book was so so good and I mean I started of as a instant five star read for me but some where along the pages I started not liking it as much. Red thing with smut is it might sound lies it's just a quick sexy read and there's nothing to it but in reality it's quite hard and I'm so grateful that the author wrote this book even though I didn't love it but please stick with me on this why be I say the entire series has SO MUCH POTENTIAL.

Our story starts with Storm , oldest Royal son must choose a bride who has to be a flower but with his father's constant need to pressure him into wedlock storm believes that marriage should be never be of convenience but love , with one last hope of finding the women of his dreams the royal family hosts a gala , a celebration of sorts as the royal heir might choose his bride sooner rather then later.

Poppy Flower was brought and breed to be a proper young lady , with her grandfather's promise that the flower girls be betrothed to the Royal men poppy hopes her future husband doesn't turn out to be a tryant but rather her prince charming. After a no so conventional meeting Poppy’s life is turned upside down into a span of hours and maybe her prince charming is a brooding cave man who refuses to let her go.

Like a said lots of potential for this series and I got to read Lily which is book 2 and let's say I'm slowly falling in love with this smut filled goodness. Also I'm super excited for Jasmine's story.

Title: Poppy
Series: A Force of Nature Fairytale #1
Author: M.A. Horst
Genre: Standalone Erotic Romance
Release Dates: May 8, 2017


Storm, the eldest son of a heartless businessman is forced to choose a bride. His father wants grandchildren to secure the future of Royal Industries, and he wants them now. 

Forced to choose from a specific list of women that’s been promised to the Royal family, Storm holds a masked ball and invites the six women.

Poppy has lived a sheltered life. She has been homeschooled by her overprotective mother. Attending the masked ball is an exciting experience for her until she lands in the arms of Storm Royal. Electricity crackles around them.

Poppy’s delicate new love is shattered when she finds out why Storm really wants to marry her. She’s only a means to an end, another piece of property.

Can Storm win Poppy’s trust while trying to keep his fiery desire for her under control?

This is one force of nature Poppy didn’t see coming.

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Author Bio

International bestselling author of Predator, The Monster Series and many others. She loves writing anything from Young Adult to Suspense Romance.

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