Monday, 16 January 2017

Vicious by L.J Shen

*4 Saviour Without Soul Nutella jars* 

Ahh Viscious you wee shite the thing about characters like Baron Spencer Jr. aka Vicious is that the bad boy title only adds to their appeal without being clichéd and all I can say about vicious is that he's . 

Emilia LeBlanc was living with the devil legitimately & figuratively. She'd grown up other little but whatever she had she was grateful for it even though vicious aka the devil was constantly trying to make her life a living hell but with all that back and forth hate Emilia stood her ground with her southern manners but something happened that shouldn't have had. Todos Santos was a town filled with rich and power hungry but she got a taste of the wickedness a little to soon. Now fast forward at age 27 Emilia comes face to face with the man who made her nervous and blush at the same time expect she's not who she used be now she's gonna turn the tables on him. 

" Being at that man’s mercy was like getting comfortable inside a golden cage with a hungry tiger ."

Spencer 'Vicious' Baron Jr the name itself screams of top notch pedigree and aristocratic lifestyle, unapologetic to the core Vic definitely lived up to his status 100 percent all alpha made with 50 percent doucebaggish personality and 50 percent cocky charm he knew he was absolutely irresistible and never apologised for it otherwise. With his 3 best mates aka the hot holes Vic was the king of his social circle until Emilia or the help started running through his mind , she was innocence wrapped in sin but she was also an inconvenience so he did what he does best made her life a living hell. Now at 28 as a successful lawyer Vic runs into the southern belle again but this isn't high school anymore and she's no innocent girl with her purple haired sass and undeniable attraction their little game just got a whole lot more fun. 

"This was my kingdom. People loved my type of evil."

He's got secrets that made him like this or was he just born like rant either way Vic managed to play her into his game or was he the pawn all along. 

“There was a game to be played, and I played it well.”

Pink & Black , always belonged to him, last goodbyes and burning kisses she shouldn't and he just couldn't but what's meant to be will happen.

" I thrust again, picking up the pace. She writhed under me, arching her back, asking for more. I felt her quivering beneath me, and my arms flexed as I pushed into her. Again. And again. And again. I closed my eyes, sighing, feeling her. Not just her body. Her."

Baron Spencer Jr you absolute bonified version of an arse. The thing about anti hero's is they can swing both ways either be a complete prick to the post you loathe it or be too somber and isn't much of a anti hero then but with this book the balance was perfect and the hot holes that's right hot holes are just addictive we're talking about 3 other stud muffins that I can't wait to read about.

There were certain lines in the book that were utter perfection you really can't miss out on this book, though for those who wonder if if it switches between past and present the answer is yes it does but not through the whole book like a few pages throughout give or take. Overall Leigh has proved once again that she's got a way with words that will hook you forever with not just her characters but story telling too.

Currently suffering with shoddy Internet so ill update the review with links and everything tomorrow. 🙈

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