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Entangled by Bethany Kris

* 4.5 Always Mine Sempre Amore Nutella jars* 

Riches and all the beauty around couldn't mask the truth about Cosa Nostra it was poison and sometimes it bleed slowly into its victims bloodstream until it was too late or it attacked so viciously that everything was gone in a blink of an eye but it's for the family ALWAYS for the family.

Gian Guzzi now as the Don of the Guzzi family knew that with power came sacrifices but he realised that no amount of power could state his need for his one and only Cara Rossi. His secrets put him in a position that he never wanted but being the boss made one thing clear her never had a choice not when he was a kid nor now as an adult , he was given the illusion that respect and family could always cancel out love but having a women like Cara with him he knew he was addicted and there was no way he'd let go.

"I never got a choice, actually. I was given the illusion of a choice, which you’re aware.”

Cara Rossi was damaged by her family and now her lover after dealing with a heartache that reminded her why she shouldn't have bothered with Gian ,Cara was slowly going back to her life but she should have known that Gian wasn't they type of man that would let go and she's wasn't going to be another notch in his bed post but how long could you stay away from a love that kept pulling her back in and sometimes opinions don't matter and when it's real it's all in.

"Gian Guzzi had seriously damaged Cara emotionally and publically."

Their love was a stain and snakes didn't care if the bodies kept lining up all they wanted was to be on top and if that means going after some important people then so be it cause after all its just business. 

“People like us have no souls, Gian. This is nothing more than a farce, and if there is a heaven, we will only be allowed entrance because we paid our way in.”

She was slowly unravelling in his love and he was entangled in her kiss they belonged to each other and that was the end. 

“Oh, my God. Oh, my God,” Cara mumbled again and again. A record on repeat. All her pretty cries. The way she looked riding him. How her body shook and shivered. It was all such a familiar tune. Gian loved it. "

What a epic end to another amazing read by Bethany Kris. Cara and Gian where the type of characters that stuck with you after you've read their story and after book ones ending I was a bit antsy on how the story would pan out, I was glad that it surpassed my expectations that being said Gian's situation really put me on the crossroads with him though I loved the day lights out of him I felt like his decisions caused a catalyst of events that made another important character get the wrong end of the stick and yes it was meant to happen because it makes sense with the climax of the book I just felt the other character was wronged too sure said character did things that might have had a big hand on how it all happened but I still have sympathy for that Character and wished that things wouldn't have ended like they did. Obviously it doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy the book cause at the end of the day I really did love how these two got their HEA.

Entangled is a story of two people that were born into a lifestyle they didn't want , they fought and bleed way before they found each other but when they did finally meet they kept on fighting for their love and most importantly themselves. There's death , bloodshed and a constant war between families but in the midst of it all this was a love story that grew stronger from the corruption and greed that was surrounding the characters constantly, it's was the type of love that stayed forever.


ENTANGLED: Guzzi Duet, Part Two

by Bethany-Kris Guzzi Duet #2 

Publication Date: August 7, 2017 

Genres: Adult, Mafia, Romance, Organized Crime



Gian Guzzi has everything a mafia boss could want, but it comes with strings. He shouldn't be wasting time on a redhead he can't have, when men like him are not allowed to be affected by silly things like love. A boss's job is never done, and Gian has far better things to worry about-what with someone wanting him dead, and someone else wanting him in prison for good. Yet, he keeps risking it all for one more taste of Cara Rossi.
A man without love is no man at all.

Cara Rossi is left devastated by the things Gian Guzzi didn't say. She also can't forget all the things he did say. She needs to focus on moving on from him, not falling right back into his bed once more. Then again, reality has a way of ruining those plans with far more beautiful, unexpected things. Even if it means Cara is forced to question everything, from her morals to her reputation. All to be one woman to one man.

A woman without respect is a dirty word.
Duty. Legacy. Love. Always in that order. Or … that's how it should be.
But life is messy, when entangled with love. Rules don't apply.






Guzzi Duet, Part One
Cara Rossi's life has been a mess ever since her identical twin was killed. She blames the mafia, its ways, and the people within the caustic culture for a painful reality that turned her world on its side. In an attempt to momentarily pause her misery, a night out puts her on a path with a man she shouldn't get involved with simply because of his last name-Gian Guzzi.
He's the kind of man that makes it hard to say no.
Gian Guzzi's problems are piling up fast. A murdered grandfather, an unpredictable mafia, and a new boss that threatens both his family's legacy and his life. As a Cosa Nostra underboss, Gian has a duty. First to la famiglia, and only then to himself. In the midst of the violent uncertainty that has become unrelenting in his days, Cara Rossi should only be a distraction for him to enjoy.
She's a happiness that he was never allowed to choose before.

His lies. This life. Their love.
It all unravels eventually.



Bethany-Kris is a Canadian author, lover of much, and mother to three young sons, one cat, and two dogs. A small town in Eastern Canada where she was born and raised is where she has always called home. With her boys under her feet, snuggling cat, barking dogs, and a hubby calling over his shoulder, she is nearly always writing something … when she can find the time.
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