Monday, 19 January 2015


*A my heart's fucked up 4 Nutella jar* 

Beautiful burn did take a toll on me maybe because I'm not used certain kind of happily ever afterbut nonetheless it was definitely an unpredictable read. Did I wish the ending was different or completely off track, then yes I wish it was but since I'm not an author I think I'll just Count my blessings

Our story is told from entirely our main hero's pov, Reed West. A 28 year old high school English teacher and avid reader. Reed lives a normal mundane life until one summer he starts teaching a writing course, He catches her eye and the only thing he remembers is Auburn Lawrence.

Auburn Lawrence a 21 year old college student who has a passion for writing and reading stories also fighting a feeling that she dismissed as crush few years back, but seeing him again brings back old memories and maybe a forbidden love

Auburn comes into Reeds life effortlessly or more like a breathe of fresh air, after catching up on each other and talking endlessly about their favourite authors, books and general life Auburn and Reed find there way to each other even though it's a forbidden romance they take a dive whether the sink or swim or maybe drown

Sneaking around in a resentful town to starting a new flame. They'll get burned they'll burn on a open flame. 

At first their love affair goes smoothly well they do have some up and downs like every other relationship but the ending what can I say I just couldn't swallow the ending nor did I expect it. It was really hard for me to digest it and honestly I felt like someone got a knife and slowly, achingly twisted it inside my chest until I couldn't read anymore . Word of advice this book is deceiving one minute it's smooth sail and the next it's a storm. As much as I loved the book I'm still grasping for a proper HEA. Also question to the author is this book based on a true story cause if it is, I swear on my Nutella I'll loose my shit.

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