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Question Time with London Miller

Q/A with Miss London Miller

Q1. How do you feel about Nutella *I ask this question for my own sanity*

L. - Nutella is a gift from the gods and I love it.

Q2. Let's get down to the good stuff. Sex scenes are one of the things I highlight the most on my kindle. When you write the good stuff what do you focus on the most: the build up / foreplay or the scene itself?

L. - The smexy scenes are actually the last scenes I write in the book. I have to be in a certain headspace to write them. As far as what I focus on the most, it’s the scene as a whole—from foreplay to the actual good stuff. I want it to be an experience, and not just for the characters in the book LOL.

Q3. When authors write about sex what percent is reality or fantasy?

L. - 80% reality, 20% fantasy. Or even 40% reality, 60% fantasy. It all depends on the scene.

Q4. There are so many genres out there. As an author what specifically made you write about the mafia world galore?

L. - I love all things related to organized crime. The danger, the allure. Everything. There’s just something about the mystery of it all, that these people are able to do such bad things, but you love them anyway.

Q5.  I'm a huge mafia fanatic and I really need to read all of your books. When you pen down a certain way of life as in the way a bratva works how important is research for you? Being fiction, is it important for you to have a hint of reality in it?

L. - I’m one of those people that stresses over research. Before I started writing In the Beginning, which is the first book in my Volkov Bratva series, I spent weeks finding out everything I could about the vory v zakone. I’ve watched documentaries, read books, and listened to interviews. If there’s anything on Russian organized crime out there, I’ve probably seen it.

Even with fiction, I like to make sure that there are some aspects of the book that are relatable, or at the very least, a person could picture it in their head.

Q6. You've written about Russians. Do you think you'd ponder with the Italians or us Irish?

L. - Despite my love for the Russians, I’m definitely going to venture into the life of the Irish. I’m actually working on the first book in the Irish Nights series. *wink wink*

Q7. Your Kingmaker series has got me waiting in anticipation with Niklaus also hinting about him. Since we are on that topic, is there something more you can tell us about it like if it's entwined with your pervious series or which family it's about?

L. -The Kingmaker plays an integral role in the Den of Mercenaries series. I’ve hinted at him before—in Hidden Monsters, he makes a brief appearance—but you will see a lot more of him in the future. His series ties in with the Den of Mercenaries series, and his family has yet to be introduced, but with each book in the DoM series, you’ll learn more about him and the game he’s playing.

Q8. You've written a book with another amazing author *love Bethany* How was it working with a fellow author and were there times when you didn't necessarily agree? Do you think you will co-write with other authors too?

L. - Bethany-Kris is amazing and I love her. She is definitely one of the BEST people I know. While working on Where the Sun Hides, I can’t say that there was anything we disagreed on. We both went in knowing what we wanted, and it just so happened that we clicked immediately. And right now, between my personal books and those I plan to write with Kris, it will probably be some time before I write with another author.

Q9. Out of all of the male characters you have written, if you'd be allowed to bring one of them to life or find out he exists who'd you like to meet and why?

L. - You can’t ask me this! It’s like making me choose between my children!! I know most people would think I would pick Mishca because he was first and he means the world to me, but that was until a certain Albanian stole all my love. Luka. Luka. LUKA. He was a dream to write, and not just because he has the sense of humor as a thirteen-year-old boy. He’s a little broken, a little crazy, very intense, but there’s this spirit inside of him. If I could bring him to life, I would just hug him tight and tell him he was too precious for this world. Kidding (not really).

Q10. Sometimes authors like to draw up character traits from people that they know or have met. Is there anyone you know that is a reflection of your characters in any capacity?

L. - A lot of Luka’s humor and personality I took from my husband—he has that sort of crazy about him. My sister inspired Alex’s love of fashion. I do, sometimes, pull from my everyday life, but for the most part, the characters are all just figments of my imagination. Which may say more about me than even I realize.

Q11. The scene where Niklaus becomes the man that he is was a little hard for me to swallow. Was it hard for you to write it or was it something that had to be done?

L. - It was awful writing that. All of his backstory, I wrote over the span of a week, and it was only during the late hours of the night that I could bring myself to dig into my own head and pour it all out. At the same time, it was something that needed to be done. I wanted readers to understand just who Niklaus was. Why he hates his brother, and practically hates the world. It was important to see where he had come from so one can understand why he makes the choices he does.

Q12. Do you think you'd ever write a book from a different genre like Mengé or Dark erotica?

L. - Oh definitely. I would love to try a ménage one day. It would definitely be interesting to say the least.

Q13. What is next for London Miller?

L. - Celt is up next, book two in the Den series, then Calavera which is book three (and you’ll get introduced to her in Celt’s book). I also have my projects with Bethany-Kris releasing soon. So, there will definitely be a good number of books from me this year!

Q14. Red is being turned into a movie or TV series: who would play Niklaus and Reagan?

L. - Gaspard Ulliel for Niklaus, definitely. Even though he’s French (and not Russian), but who cares because he has the face of an angel. And for Reagan? I have no idea. I’m still looking though!

Q15. And finally, if you could describe your books in a quote what would it be?

L. Welcome to the dark side.

Thank you so much :) can't wait for the rest of you series :D.

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