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Red by London Miller

*3.5 Welcome to the Den nutella Jars* 

It wasn't suppose to begin like this, two ordinary people living two opposite lives, welcome to a new game the one that starts with a surprise.

Reagan O' Callahan at 22 was struggling as it was. With working as a waitress and becoming the breadwinner for her crumbling family the last thing she anticipated was to be knocked sideways into inconvenience, from blow to blow Reagan was barley keeping her head above water until "he" came along. It was just supposed to be one night which might have led to a few more but before she could get her grasp on the situation just like the shadows he was gone. Fast forward a few years and the shadow starts to reappear and now a little bit more tainted at 26 Reagan was slowly drowning in her own emotions.

"Tonight, she wanted to pretend the Reagan who worked crazy hours and came home to a broken family didn’t exist."

Niklaus Volkov aka Klaus was a nobody and wanted to stay that way but one life altering moment made him into a prince a Volkov prince at that. Cursing the day he got tangled in false accusation by enemies, Klaus swore to take revenge. After being trained by an unknown autocrat, now at 28 Klaus or Red was ready to begin his hunt, what he wasn't ready for was a red haired siren. It was one night which became quite a few, then he disappeared but now that he's back he needs a little more then just her attention.

"What was it with mafia guys that made them feel the need to wear a suit every day? "

This life was now his whether he wanted it or not but the only difference was that now an innocent was caught between the war or was it the mysterious King makers plan all along. C.O.D.A. painted red, black and blue this was much more then the Vory v Zakone or the Russian Bratva.

"picking up one of the crystal pawns and moved it forward two spaces. It was time. The game was on."

He was sure he wasn't capable of feeling again and she swore to do right by herself but with not just the Russians at play , a little touch went a long way.

"For just a second, he seemed content in teasing her this way, until he found purchase and thrust in, catching her off guard as she gasped, his name spilling from her lips. When he thrust back in, his grip on her was stronger, his need a little more at the forefront as he throbbed inside of her. He gave a few more measured thrusts, giving her time to adjust, and the more she did, the better it felt, like he was rubbing over every last nerve ending in her pussy.

My Thoughts in the end:
Now here were some reasons why I didn't give it full jars cause no doubt the story was on point but somethings made me go WTF, whereas at moments the scenario was played lowkey even though it had potential to be fecking grueling and you know how much I love mafia action, moving on though this can be read as a standalone but I HIGHLY prescribe *yes prescribe* that you read the Volkov series first. For someone not bothered by several sections of the book solely based on the Volkov series it's grand to move on but if you're like me and you end up reading the same page thrice to make sure the vodka didn't kick in early I'd rather you heed my warning and read the Volkov books first but then again this is my opinion *no seriously listen to me* cause if not.

Any who as far as content & H/H are considered the book is like nutella either you gonna love it and base your life solely around it or it'll make you feel like meh *I'm looking at you Jess* either way the one thing that will definitely spike your interest is the bonus chapter named CODA and coda basically means something that concludes or summarises a certain event usually on a individuals interest or perspective, now that got my ears perking because a) the author has stated that at the end of every mercenaries book *I think there at least 7* a bonus chapter will be given and it'll be about the kingmaker and b) im fecking curious, from what I've read so far the kingmaker isn't the only one playing a game and it's hard to pin him down as a good or bad character just yet it's still got me thinking, who is he, where does live , is he broken , is he hot , good shag , family or friends , more importantly does he have a kitchen aid and can I borrow it basically all the necessary details about the oh so mysterious kingpin and some dude with a posh name. Even though Niklaus and Reagan were grand someone else stole the show, but for what it's worth I'll patently be continuing the series. It's a good book with a great story line but it's like salt and vinger crisps , you need an acquired taste. Overall i guess me less then stellar rating was due to the fact that some parts of the book i didn't get at first but then finally when i got where it was headed I kinda got the *spoiler alert* of the other series get what I mean but still its a book worth trying if you want some good russian loving.That's it I guess.

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●Twenty-one Pilots - Stressed Out
●G-Eazy - Me, Myself, and I
●Hozier Take me to Church
●Imagine Dragons - Gold
●Imagine Dragons Demons
●James Bay - Let it go
●Beyonce - Crazy In Love (Fifty Shades of Grey Version)

Welcome to the Den…
Seven years ago, Niklaus “Red” Volkov was offered an opportunity, one that would give him the ability to even the score with the Albanian mobsters that had tortured him for days and took the life of the only girl he’d loved.

But that gift came with strings…

Molded into the perfect soldier, Niklaus joined an elite group of mercenaries, loyal to a mysterious man known only as The Kingmaker. He willingly paid the price for means to fulfill the vendetta that plagued him each day.
Vengeance was all he knew…
And death was all he lived for…
Until it wasn’t…
Until her…

I had a fun wee Q/A with the amazing author London Miller so go ahead and click the link below to check that out .

And obviously a big thank you to INDIESAGEPR.

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