Friday, 13 May 2016

Thin Lies by Bethany Kris

*A 4.7 Not a saint Nutella jars* 

This was more then an alliance, bruises turned black and blue, Family was everything especially cruel. It was wrong in many ways but empires were meant to crumble when greed was in the way. Born and bred the mafia ruled but how long would these secrets keep before lies became the truth.

Emma Sorrento at age 20 was spoiled rotten with everything provided to her except for a loving home the only thing she craved couldn't be bought. As the only Principessa to the Don Emmy had only one duty the one she'd loathed. She was pampered only to be sold off and once that day finally came Emma started to wonder maybe there's more to her then becoming a trophy wife maybe being a Principessa wasn't worth the bargain. Traded off to someone 30 years senior her age, Emmy was tired of pretending, she no longer wanted to wear her false mask and her glass Kingdom was slowly tearing apart

"Her mother was pushy and spoiled. Her father was a bastard with a superiority complex. "

Calisto Donati a man that demanded attention but with that attention was something hidden, lost and broken. Being a consigliere at age 27 was achievement enough but with all the false pretenses surrounding him, Calisto learned to play the mafia game well. With Cosa Nostra acknowledging him and New York as his play ground Cal wasn't falling for their fallacious praise, the last thing he needed besides his suffocating life was to baby sit the Dons future wife. She was just women that's all he could say but with curves like hers his body began to ache.

"Closer to sin.
Closer to his next mistake.
It was bad, but it had to be good.
He knew it was wrong."

Hushed breathes, pepper kisses, moonlight touches and unspoken promises. The lies were deadly and secrets were sins. It was treacherous and maybe not worth the risk but Calisto & Emma were both breathless from the high hiding within.

" She needed it like this.
Even painful. His cock was sliding through the lips of her pussy, and he flexed forward. She was wet enough that his cock found no resistance when he took her deep.
Her broken cry echoed.
Good God.
He filled her full, stretched her open, and it ached in the best way. He didn’t give her time to adjust to his thick length before he was pulling out and thrusting right back in again"

This has been one of the most refreshing stories I've ever read as far mafia books are concerned. It's a new concept but what an amazing story , you'll be anticipating for the ball to drop but when it does you've still got a lump in your throat. At the beginning as a reader I could feel that something was brewing and there's more to the story then originally let on, it's not just about the mafia or its rules it's mostly about "Families" and by that I mean blood relations are the deadliest. A constant tug a war between not just the characters but entirety of the situation it self. It's not just Donati Vs Sorrento it's Donati Vs Cosa Nostra , La famiglia and the biggest himself.

In the end let me tell you why I love bethany kris not only is she amazeballs but she makes the most addictive stories you'll ever read. 
●Swoon worthy Alphas ✔
●Strong Female heroines✔
●build up & Action✔
●New plot line ✔
●New Families✔
●Oh feck moments ✔✔
And obviously 

There's action, runaways, loyalty, supposed sin, lies , an auction, honour and a whole lot of drama.
It's a win-win situation, have a cuppa ready before you start this book because it's one hellva ride.

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