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For Logan by Soraya Naomi

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Opposites attract this statement couldn't be more truer but that being said there's a reason that they attract , maybe it's lust , maybe it's the chase or maybe because every angel needs a demon and every bullet needs a gun.

Rosalia Calderone was a real firecracker with her blunt but truthful attitude and magic between her finger tips Rosa was a live wire. With her family drenched in the mafia business, Rosa by the age of 21 had learnt some tricks of her own but being constantly babyed she didn't think some 10 years her senior would captivate her attention after all he always saw her as a child but maybe now there's something sinister waiting to happen. 

"I’m not even sure why, but it seems like we’ve started to play a game.

Logan Wade has suffered more loss at his age of 31 then anyone has in their lifetime. Constantly trying to keep his mask on Logan was in a precarious position not just with mafia but himself. After a series of events thrusts Logan into Rosas circle the last thing he wanted was the chatterbox to get to know him. It was wrong he was older then her by 10 years but the secrets that they both kept could lead to unimaginable events that were bound to cause bloodshed.

“This is how the mind alters once one becomes a mafia man. The power seeps into the psyche and there’s a sense of indestructability. It’s impossible not to get seduced by it."

Only if it were that easy, the mafia life might be tempting but that's how it all starts and behind all that false bravado theirs corrupted motives and deathly punishments. 

“Stop playing with fire, you might get burned when I decide to stop being a gentleman.”

Fire , Passion and a whole lot of forbidden lust something wonderful was happening and not jail between the sheets. Maybe caving in had its own piece of mind.

"I give her an eager smile before I bend forward, and the moment my mouth is on her core, we lose all inhibitions. Rosa squirms on the bed as I trace my tongue up her pussy, adding pressure."

My Thoughts In The End:

What an excellent read, this is me first book by Soraya and I couldn't be more pleased. Logan and Rosa's romance was beautifully presented even though it was doomed I mean hello 10 year difference and you might think we'll other couples have a larger difference and they're fine well that's true but you once you read this book and get to know Logan's back story and Rosa's you'll understand what I'm on about. In the beginning I wasn't wowed dare I say I wasn't to sure about this book but that's the beauty of being proven wrong you get a whole new perspective it's like being born again without all the add ons. The moment these two started bantering on full speed I was sucked in not just with them but the side charters who a) already have a book and b) one new couple was introduced and I can't wait to get into their story. Overall a an outstanding read for any forbidden love reader or if you want to get to the core of the twisted mafia world.

Book Details & Links

Title: For Logan

Series: Chicago Syndicate #5

Author: Soraya Naomi

Genre: New Adult Mafia Romance

Release Date: August 27, 2016


After a lifetime of loss, Logan Wade has no faith in things such as justice. He screws and discards women with ease, and deep down, he doesn’t even know who he is anymore. He’s an agent who’s defecting to the Chicagoan mafia, the Syndicate. 

However, Logan’s tightly scheduled plans derail when he meets Rosalia Calderone, the mafia counselor's daughter, who's ten years younger, reckless, and doesn’t know when to keep quiet. Shrouded under the secrets of her parents, Rosalia has been kept out of mafia business her entire life until unforeseen circumstances thrust her into Logan’s path. As she grows closer to him, Rosalia sees that there’s much more to Logan than what he shows the world. Even though she realizes it's dangerous to fall for a closed-off man like him, she’s a girl who always follows her heart. 

What starts as a forced acquaintance turns into an illicit affair where risks are taken and bonds are broken, and Logan and Rosalia learn that love can be disastrous.

Every action has a consequence, and matters of the heart are no exception. 

A New Adult Mafia Romance.

A complete standalone.

From Soraya Naomi, Amazon Bestselling Author of For Fallon and For Luca.

Novel Grounds Semi Annual Literary Awards 2014 winner of Best Breakout Novel For Fallon (Chicago Syndicate, #1)

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“Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned,” I confess in the small booth and shut my eyes, causing two tears to roll down my cheeks in regret. 

Sometimes we take risks and they don’t play out as we expected, but it’s better to regret something you did do than to regret something you didn’t do. Living with what could’ve been is far worse.

“You haven’t sinned,” a familiar, deep voice comments.

My gaze shoots up to the lattice screen in time to see him exiting the compartment. Then he yanks open my door. I’m met with stormy, sapphire eyes – the color of a cloudless sky – that have haunted my dreams for many nights. 

Logan steps forward, but I push him out of the confessional with both of my palms on his hard chest. “Where have you been?” I demand, wiping my tears away angrily.

As my vision clears, I’m astounded by how much he reminds me of the man I fell in love with. His navy dress shirt is tucked into his slacks, showing off his toned torso. Nonetheless, this is the man that is my Heaven and my Hell. My current Hell; but the time we lived in Heaven together isn’t easily forgotten.

He studies me for a long moment, as if I’m a figment of his imagination. Then he runs his fingers through his dirty blonde hair and messes up the strands, making him much too appealing in his anguish. 

“Rosa,” he says in a tormented tone. Reaching for me, he cups the back of my head and threads his fingers through my long, black hair.

His sandalwood cologne invades my nostrils and brings back memories that are best left in some dusty corner of my mind. He lowers his forehead to mine, and I clutch his shirt as the passion he incites in me still pumps furiously through my veins. His thumb strokes the dimple on my cheek while we stare at each other. 

“I should hate you,” I mumble, confused.

“No. I’ve come to explain.”

“Explain what? You broke my heart and left. Everything’s ruined!”

“I had to leave to set things straight and so that I didn’t get killed in the process, Rosa,” he snarls. Yet, in a softer tone, he adds, “But I had to see if you’re okay.”

We’re standing face-to-face, and as he tilts my head up, I recognize the flame of love in his dark irises. As usual, we lose control the second his mouth slants over mine. He commands my emotions with the heat of his touch. Logan’s lips urge mine apart, guiding me hungrily into his masterful kiss. One large hand covers my ass while he palms my head. On their own accord, my arms wind around his neck. Our teeth clash and our tongues dance in a teasing foray – desperately recapturing a love that others tried to extinguish. 

He growls and lifts me up into his arms effortlessly. My jade, knee-length dress rides up my hips when I hook my legs around him before he carries me to the elevated altar of the church, surrounded by devotional statues and lit candles. I’m shoved onto the two-step carpeted stairs in front of the altar while we grind into each other. Logan nips a path up my throat as I gaze up at the painted angels on the dome ceiling. He pulls my lips between his teeth and bites the corner of my mouth. 

“I need to fuck you,” he groans huskily, pressing his rock-hard erection against me. 

We’re both breathing heavily, forgetting where we are – in the Parish of the Blessed, in the middle of the day, with people inside the sacristy. 

This is what he’s done to me. Even after everything, I’m unable to deny him. I’ve chosen to be bad right along with him, and I’m choosing it again. 

We’ve always been reckless. We’ve broken a family apart. And now, we’re about to fuck in the church where the wedding will take place in less than twenty-four hours.


I read many genres but favor intense, seductive, and provocative novels where the male character loves fiercely, without remorse or boundaries. I also adore forbidden love tales and have an odd fascination with kidnapping romances. No, I don't secretly want to be kidnapped, though!

I have a passionate obsession with the written word and indulge in chocolate pastries much too often.

My debut novel For Fallon (Chicago Syndicate, #1) was released on July 26, 2014. I’m honored that For Fallon won “Best Breakout Novel 2014” in the Novel Grounds Semi Annual Literary Awards.

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