Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Reckless & Ruined by Bethany Kris

*5 Fuck what you heard Nutella jars* 

I enjoyed this story a lot more than I should have. There was something intoxicatingly engaging about Adriano & Alessa, these young lovers had more passion and intensity than any other proclaimed beloveds. Cause when they loved they went all out.

Mine Exactly Alessa Trentini at age 20 wanted something to call hers but regardless of a certain boy taking over her heart, Alessa refused to let him say the words he wanted to say. She was the good girl, always followed the rules but when fours years of Messing around gets a little to serious Alessa will protect what's hers even if it was in the midst of a deadly war.

"Alessa Trentini was nothing more than a commodity. Something to be bought and traded for a good price and the right last name."

Adriano Conti had already found his better half by the time he was 16, friendship blossomed into something way more serious even though Alessa kept hiding it. Now as a made man in the mafia hierarchy all at the age 20, Adriano was ready to risk it all. With all eyes on him this omu d' onuri had his sights on something so much more important.

"close.” “Keep spilling blood and you’ll eventually drown in it".

With these two young lovers trying to get by , there's something that no one in the Chicago outfit was ready for.

" Anything could be fixed with a few words, a bullet, or an action ".

Their wild lust is a dangerous game, from impassioned whispers to sensual touches Alessa and Adrianos safe bubble could burst before it even began.

"Just me, pretty girl.” 
Adriano caught her first cry with his lips and muffled the sound as he circled her clit with light strokes. Alessa’s second cry whispered over his jaw when he teased his fingers down to her entrance and thrust inside to find her wetter than ever and clenching hard around his digits."

My thoughts in the end:

Have you ever loved a story so much that it just makes you stop and reflect on your poor life choices well there ya go , this book was so many types of amazing. For starters though the H/H are quite young nothing about their love story was whiney YA drama on the contrary it was beautifully written , one of my favourite couples in the Chicago war series and secondly you know how if you kick down a single domino the others will follow on suite well R&R was just that it was the middle part of the domino effect we get how war is coming along from both perspectives with Adriano representing the Conti can and Alessa with Trentini , if you've read the pervious book Deathless & Divided you get into the other families main character with Damian for the Rossi family and Lily for the Delucas. Loved absolutely loved every single word of this book and there's just something addictive about young lovers maybe it's the consequences be damned passion or the modern day romeo and Julie either way this book will not disappoint.

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