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Shadows & Silence by London Miller

* 3 Her Romanian Robin Hood Nutella jars*

Silence was deafening as chaos it took everything with it but unlike chaos it wasn't a continuous stream of destruction but rather it slowly bled and tortured it's victim until there was nothing left. The kingmaker and his plans didn't apply to the wild bunch or they thought so. She was part of the Den and he with his brothers in the Wild bunch but one look bought both of them to their knees.

Winter Banes at age 18 wasn't an average hacker let alone teenager, since becoming some sort of an asset to the kingmaker she'd become a part of the Den without actually being there , like the King makers every recruitment Winter also came with a past , she to was saved from something unspeakable but the way she was brought was unconventional. She was the Den's baby not only were they protective of her but she was a freelancer with a purpose after one particular job turns her life 360 she comes face to face with her present and her past. London broke her , New York bewitched her and the kingmaker owned her.

“You know, you’re pretty hot for a sort of scary, silent Romanian.”

Răzvan Petri aka Tăcut was the oldest among the wild bunch at 32 not only was he a trained assassin but once a part of the lotus society he was a weapon a weapon that didn't make a sound and not by his choice, just like the other boys in the wild bunch Tăcut just didn't share a brotherhood with them but also a nightmare , the one the made Fang, Thantos, Invictus and himself what they were today deadly , dark and dangerous but what he wasn't ready for was to be captivated by the silver haired hacker that pulled him in with every look, he wasn't used to love but he was an all in type of guy even if that meant the one he loved caused a chaos like none other. She was the sound to his Silence, the high to his low.

"Death was a needy mistress— it stalked them constantly."

One by one each of the king makers players were falling into place but was this too part of a plan, where the stakes higher now that each one of them was finding their other half only to be taken away.

“The Kingmaker. A man who was as much a myth as he was a legend.”

She wanted him but one mistake made her only fall harder and he never felt like this there was no way he would stop.

" Slowly, carefully, he lined himself up with her pussy, sliding over her wet folds before dipping down to find that notch at her opening and pushed. It took every ounce of control he possessed not to just thrust the rest of the way inside her, not when she felt impossibly tight wrapped around the head of his cock. 
And with one more brutal thrust, she went blissfully fucking tight around him, enough to make him see stars, before she was screaming, begging, pleading. 

He was helpless to last, and as he finally said fuck it and let go, he knew before the last pulse shot down his spine that he was never letting her go. "

I have to admit I love where this series is headed for those of you who don't know there are two separate series that tie into the kingmakers actual story , one is the wild bunch *standalone each book* and the others are the den series which I will link below. No you don't have to read the Den books to read the wild bunch it's better if you do cause you'll get hints on why the kingmaker does what he does but other then that if you pick up either one of the series make sure you start with book one because major spoilers if you skip.

I had a lot of expectations from this book because Tăcut was this silent brooding type of guy that was mysterious on soo many levels that I couldn't wait to read and Winter was the perfect for him but there were somethings that I thought would happen and didn't like you know when H/H are keeping a secret that could possibly ruin them let's just say Winters secret overpowered Răz which is great and all but I wanted some umpf if that makes sense. Plus points my lovely Kit makes a cameo and he's swoon worthy as ever. Also it was adorable watching the Den get all protective about Winter while Raz's boys would protect him till his last breath they were the all in type of bunch.

Overall not my absolute favourite out of the series but a must read also Saints & Thieves 🙌 M/F/M I can't wait for that book.

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