Wednesday, 7 June 2017

His Obsession by Roxie Brock

 *3 Beat All Taboo Nutella Jars*

His obsession is part of the
 His collection *Click on the red title to be directed to the his website* each book consists of all alpha galore with baby making swoon and basically a quick hot read for those days when you need a little more then foreplay.

This particular story consists of Marcus & Nadine and their taboo relationship. Marcus obsessed over Nadine when he saw her bloom into the women she was today after Nadine's mum decided to walkout on their marriage Marcus was left to care for his scrawny little step daughter but as she grew older the love for her changed no more was the the manky little girl who couldn't tie her hair but a women who was teasing him constantly, he loved with every being of his fiber even before she bloomed into the women she was today but Nadine had to come to him because he couldn't ruin his baby girl.

Nadine knew Marcus was her everything not only was he there when her mother left her behind but she belonged to him in every way she couldn't think of it was only time before she'd give into him but with his warnings about not ever letting her go if she gives him her all Nadine realised he was her one and only.

Wham , bam and their having a baby. Love it.

She is the only thing he’s ever wanted, and the one thing he can’t have.

But one hot night, everything changes. For both of them.

Roxie Brock is a California girl who lives in Texas. She looks sweet, but she’s actually very naughty. She has a background in social work and now trains therapy horses. His Obsession is her debut story. You can find her on Facebook, and stay in touch 

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