Monday, 3 November 2014

This love is taking its toll on me

                     Darling hold me in you're arms like you did last night 

* A billion Nutella jar rating*

One name ladies MAX STELLA *swoon*. He stole my bloody heart, not only was he a shameless flirt but a gorgeous ,kind hearted man (I don't care if he's real or not). It's the second series in the beautiful novel called beautiful stranger (stranger danger doesn't apply here). In book one beautiful bastard we find out a little bit about Max ,such as he's one of Bennett's best mate and did I mentioned he's British *raises tea cup in approval*. Max comes from a large Irish/British Catholic family ,seven siblings and his youngest brother Niall also is getting his own book (happy dance). Now to our heroine Sara Dillon not only is she Bennett's girlfriends best friend (chole) but also the girl Max is hooked up on (you probably knew that) After a steamy encounter with Max ,Sara decides(after nursing a broken heart) what they hey one quicke at the club with a random stranger and no strings attached what could possibly happen right? Just about fricking everything,both of them well mostly max get hooked to each other and after some secrets are out they realise they're hopeless with out each other. 

I feel hopelessly in love with Max and honestly I prefer Max and Sara over the other beautiful characters ,not that I don't love them all but let's say I'd tap that ;) until next time my lovelies oh and of course I'll leave a picture of random hottie ;) xoxo

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