Wednesday, 5 November 2014


               Darling you are the only exception 

*4 whooping Nutella jars*

Beautiful bitch is a novella (#1.5) yes there is a 2.5 and a 3.5  version too, but this novella accompanies book one in the beautiful series (beautiful bastard). The story of Bennett and Chloe continues where in this book we get a lot more Bennett (raises Nutella jar in approval) . We get a look at the real Bennett behind all that egoistic douce baggery and arse hole demur you get a painted picture of him ,hence be prepared to fall in love with him all over again. I would definitely say this book was more about Bennett's feelings or his relationship with Chloe rather be it told from the heroine's perspective, and yes there is a huge surprise well not during the end but in the first or second chapter  you realise what the surprise is (you probably figured it out) let's say some things goto plan and others well there's pleasant surprise ,believe me during the end, I found out that Chole had a plan of her own,I choked on my tea (it was a good cup). Then again I should have expected that Chole was a badass and did exactly as she pleased .
I thoroughly enjoined this book there were moments I laughed my arse off (miss chloe has a fabulous mouth on her) their bantering back and forth kept making me smile and other moments I just sighed in *awe* . So much love and excitement at the same time made me glad I ever picked up this book it's was fun , HOT and downright hilarious ,I didn't think Christina Lauren both could top beautiful bastard or stranger but once again I was proven wrong and it just goes to show expectations can meet :) until tomorrow my lovelies xoxo

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