Friday, 7 November 2014


                         " Catch me if you can"

The books starts with a prologue about Antonio(THAT NAME DOES SHITT.....REMEBER SPINELLI it's all in the name ladies ) now Antonio *swoon* (he's bloddy hot blues eyes...ITALIAN hence suits) is let's say and art collector in a way and he's the head of...THE THIEVES GUILD *boop there goes my heart*,he isn't impressed that someone stole his "The Madonna at Repose",but hold up guess who takes it cue in heroine Lucia like Antonio, lucias parents where in the guild thieves business so the apple doesn't fall from the tree or does it unlike her parents she's an amateur but what happens when Antonio finally catches her is in a quote I put this smack that give me some more,smack that all on the floor, smack that oh oh oh -Akon ft Eminem don't blame me I'm having exams my brain is just a parakeet now

now back to the story so he gets her and boy is he a cocky arse hole /and darling at the same time,mind you the book is BDSM so expect whips and cuffs and occasional peg,but you know what out of all the BDSM books I've read (I have alot ,my pride and joy) Antonio is the most genuine and real fictional character, Gideon and Christian can go sleep in their beds compared to him. Antonio loves our heroine and doesn't tell her to close her eyes or the whole don't look at me I'm too pretty thing(during sex plus she can wait for it TOUCH HIM ...ALL OVER) , he literally says look at me and he's warm and sunny(yes sunny) god he's all kind of perfect but let me point this out unlike our other alpha males (I still love you) HE DON'T GOT'S NO MUMMY OR DADDY ISSUES NOR WAS HE ABUSED. What is that possible, I swear on my Nutella hot chocolate it is (thanks flo raises mug). Before I forget this entire story was based in Venice ...guess who is moving now heheheh (LOL A BITCH CAN WISH)and no I didn't forget our heroine she a smart mouth with certain limitations and the best part she says what she feels (bohyaaa sister) 

Before I forget the book is called A thief in Venice by Tara crescent and an arc was provided to me via netgalley until then my lovelies xoxox

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