Friday, 28 November 2014

Retrace......... I'm obsessed with you sigal


I had the privilege of getting and ARC for retrace and good lord did I devour the book,I'm not even kidding. First of all a huge thank you to Sigal ehrlich for as always writing such a fabulous book (I am shamelessly addicted to the stark trilogy ) and also a huge thank you to between the sheets blog you guys are amazing and I will have links to the author and blog at the bottom.

First of all my Nutella what an amazing book , before I start off I must point out that a) I was going to put up a video clip of a montage of the retrace pictures I had just to change things up a bit and b) I will not be putting up the video cause in all honesty I couldn't figure it out and half of the video wasn't playing so as a result I will be continuing on with my normal banter.

This book definitely gets *4 Nutella jar rating*

The story is about Nila a Brazilian dance teacher who moves to America to get away from a painful past ,  and Is trying to start a new beginning but behold guess who catches her naked in "her" rented hotel room (cue James bond music)

It's the one and only Reeves, he's an alpha male (duh!). Now he also comes with baggage well not technically mummy/daddy issue but he looses his best friend /partner ,  Reeves is a some what a bodyguard/agent.
That's right keep looking *cracks open Nutella jar *

 Though it's been a while since he lost his best friend reeves has to look after his mates family and that includes his best friends little sister Katie (she's not that little) I fell in love with reeves he's just like me ,  no seriously though his mind well most of the time is filthy when ever he thinks of Nila and that's exactly what I do (except I don't think about Nila, it's David gandy or noah mills but you didn't need to know that haha) 

Nila checks into a hotel room with her middle name Mitchell and boom reeves check in name is also Mitchell hence the mix up. When reeves sees Nila completely naked let's say his mind goes places (just like me , should have not said that) and our lovely lady is all panicked and kicking reeves outs (as so she should, point one for Nila) after a few moments of bantering Nila and reeves part ways (Nila gets the room , damn right women power) Nila calls it a night and thinks about her new life and her dance class.(she teaches little kids and she's smashing at it)

Book porn people 

Reeves is still thinking about Nila (yes he's a pervert) . Did I mention for fun reeves works at a bar (goes around town to find the bar) and basically still thinks about his best friends death and feels a responsibility towards Ben's family (Ben is the best friend)

The universe brings Nila and Reeves back to gather in the form of flat mates , there technically neighbours but on different floors , time passes and they have this intangible lust for each other , they give in to their passions on attempt number 3 , yes 3. Let's say reeves does a douce bag move and leaves Nila (in the process of doing it twice) and yes I was so angry , I was clawing my ebook and screaming are you bloody serious?How dare you reeves, I'm going to hit you in the balls, but that's just me . Finally they do it (it sounds horrible when I say it) and clearly they like each other (no duh, I could have told you that ) but with both of them keeping a painful past behind they're both wounded soldiers and it's hard for them to shed so light on their demons.
That's just HOT now , well done Sigal  :)

Mind you while I was reading this book I was listening to demons buy imagine dragons thought you should know.

Overall the characters were flawless and the plot was amazing but my only problem was reeves divided attention between Nila and Katie . I understand that he was just trying to play big brother with Katie but once you read the book you get a sense that she's got a strong hold on our man .

This is a MUST read for anyone who enjoys a hard core hero with a perfect heroine , you will laugh , swoon , smile and hurt at the same time but that's what's the beauty of this book, Sigal has shown a lot of versatility compared to her stark series and retrace but she's also managed to keep her own sigal touch to it. Expect big things from this wonderful author but the book was a treat .  It's like someone handed you a never ending jar of Nutella ,  yup that's the best way to describe it . I'm still In  post reeves state so don't be surprised if you're begging for more, shhh just let it happen. I am expecting retrace to be series but we won't know for sure even a novella would be great.

Until next time my lovelies xoxo.  Thank you again to Sigal for replaying to my crazy shit emails and to the lovely ladies at between the sheets .:)

As you can tell I have a heavy hand when it comes to pictures that I've borrowed from sigals Facebook page and some were gifted by the lovely people at between the sheets (I'm a lucky person ) except the picture of the little girl I stole that (not ashamed look at her she's adorable) thank you again xoxo 


  1. Wow. This a great review. You have sold this book to me. I definitely will read as soon as I'm able to buy it.

    1. Thank you so much Cynthia (I'm screaming right now LOL) I'm glad I have and I hope you enjoy beautiful :D good luck and thank you again for replaying I truly appreciate the effort :) wohoooo xoxox *still grinning *