Monday, 31 October 2016

The Connector By Aubrey Parker


I dragged her away so that I could shout at her to stay the fuck out of my business, but somehow she’s turned things around and punched me in the gut. 

I’ve spent too much time checking up on her. I’ve spent too much thought on her, when I should have already trashed her like a soiled tissue. But whatever the reason, I feel I know Alex Wynn, and this girl in front of me isn’t the girl I thought I knew. 

The Alex Wynn I met that first day had all the hallmarks of a classic daddy’s girl: strong and bold, loyal and moral. She knew how to scrap, but knew not to bend. I broke her a bit, by applying pressure where no girl that age is immune. 

But this? This flagrant, slutty, whorish talk? This isn’t her, and I want to shake it out of her. 

“You didn’t fuck him,” I say. 

“Maybe I did.” 

My jaw shifts. I want to slap her. I want to leave her behind, break the door between me and Ashton, and put my fist through the back of his neck. I grip her shoulders, teeth gritted.

“Maybe I licked the tip of his cock for hours,” she purrs, “until he came all over my—”

I push Alex back against the utility closet’s single bare wall — the only one not lined with shelves. She practically trips over the mop bucket, but I kick it aside. Then she’s pinned, and her mouth finally shuts. I don’t have my hand at her neck, but that’s the way this feels. Her bravado is gone. Her sex kitten protestations all pop, and now there’s only this scared little girl in front of me, her eyes like saucers, delicate throat swallowing a lump. 

“Nathan,” she says. “Please.”

“Don’t you ever go behind my back again. Do you hear me?” 

I wonder if I’m talking about business. I think I am, but there’s something else in the air. And it shouldn’t be there at all. 

Alex nods. Swallows again, and I’m reminded of an animal caught in a snare, facing a hungry predator. 

“Get on your knees,” I say. 

Something snaps again, and she blinks at me. 

“Do it.” 

She looks around as if for help, then complies. She slides down the wall, as if trying to stay as far away from me as possible. 

When she’s on her knees, I unbuckle my belt. 

“What are you doing?”

“What the fuck do you think I’m doing?” 

My cock springs free, already at full mast. It feels harder than I think it’s ever been, swollen with fury and lust.

“Do to me what you did to him.” 

“Nathan,” she says, looking up, “I didn’t—”

But I don’t want to hear her words. Not right now. So I move forward and fill her yapping mouth with my cock. She gags in surprise, then pulls back to look up at me. One hand grips my root as if to push me away. A single line of saliva forms an upside-down rainbow between my cock and her pink lips.

“Suck it.” 


“Of course here.” I’m irritated. But she’s turning me on so hard, as she looks up at me with her beautiful face and big brown doe eyes. So I add, “But take off your panties before you start.” 

She obeys without question. She reaches under her skirt, then lifts one foot and the other to slide them off. Doing so hiked her skirt up, and I can see the small patch of hair above her pussy. Her legs open, like she can’t keep them together. 

“Now suck my cock while you touch yourself.” 

Alex’s eyes are still rolled up to look at me, her mouth inches from my tip. Her right hand is still stroking me, but her left moves between her legs, opening her pussy, rolling across her clit. 

She sighs. As her mouth opens, I put my cock back into it, tired of waiting for her to comply. 

But then her warm lips wrap around me and her hand begins to stroke. The sensations are intense, and within a minute I feel like I’m about to come in her mouth. Instead I pull back and order her to stand.  

She does. 

“Tell me what else you did with Moran.” 

“I didn’t do anything with Moran. I swear.” 

“Tell me what you did with other guys.” 

“The …” She stammers, then catches up to try again. “The usual kinds of stuff.” 

“I’m not usual.” It’s hard to keep my voice even. Ever since I withdrew from Alex three days ago, I’ve wanted to shove myself back inside her. I already miss her mouth. I’m on a hair trigger, balls high and tight as my eyes prowl her half-naked body. I could explode right now looking at her, without being touched. I could come all over her, twitching, jetting spunk down her leg. “Ordinary is boring. I like to do what’s new. What’s different.” 

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