Thursday, 20 October 2016

Where the wind whispers by Bethany Kris & London Miller


"Seems we have a lot to discuss, you and me," Alfie said as Kaz eased himself into the backseat next to him. "When I agreed to do business with you, right, I thought I was picking the winning side. Was I wrong?"

That was the thing about men like Alfie-even men like Kaz. They only cared about the bottom line, their bottom line. He couldn't blame the man, not when he was only now recovering from the attempt on his life.

Alfie's business didn't stop just because Kaz was in the hospital, and if a few of their mutual interests were hurting because of Kaz's mistakes, then he was cutting into the man's profits.

It just wasn't good business.

"Minor setback," Kaz said as he shifted in his seat. Even the feel of the seat belt crossing over his chest felt painful. "I'm taking care of it."

"Taking care of it? Mate, you've been on your back for weeks now as that wanker has roamed free, and for what? Because you were indulging the bird you've shackled yourself to?"

Kaz frowned. He might not have been up for a physical battle with Alfie, but he wasn't going to let him disrespect Violet.

"Oh, look at that-round the fucking bend you've gone. I don't see how you get any business done with the way you fuck off into a rage anytime someone mentions your missus. What kind of business are you running, eh? You'll be dead within the month with the way you're going." Alfie shook his head, running a hand over the slight beard he was growing. "Never mind the target on you, mate. You've created targets on all your loved ones too. How long, yeah, will it take before someone else realizes that the only thing they need to do to get you to make a reckless fucking decision is to put a hit out on your missus? How long?"

"Don't you think I fucking know that, Alfie?"

He knew, but he had never wanted to admit that fact to himself. He couldn't think straight when it came to Violet, and while that was good for them, it was now bleeding into the part of his life he wanted to keep her away from.

"I knew a man once," Alfie went on as though Kaz hadn't spoken. "Got bit by a spider or something like that-who gives a fuck? This spider, right, its venom started disintegrating the flesh of his hand to the point that it was a fucking ghastly sight. Now, stupid man that he was, he wanted to keep his hand-thought he could suck the venom out, but it was too late for that. He had two choices-cut off his fucking hand to save the rest of ‘em or die trying to stay whole. Which choice do you think he made?"

Kaz understood quite well what Alfie was really asking him. "It isn't that simple, Alfie. I can't just cut Violet off."

Not now.

Not ever.

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