Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Right Billionaire, Wrong Wedding by Victoria Davies *expert*

"I'm fully capable of sleeping with you without falling in love with you."

He breathed a sigh of relief. "I'm glad to hear it."

"All that being said, I think there's only one solution here."


She smiled. "We need to start having no strings attached sex on a regular basis. Friends with benefits, as it were."

Had she really just said that or was his mind playing tricks?

But she stared up at him with those beautiful eyes, obviously waiting for an answer.

"You could do that?" he asked, disbelieving.

"Why does everyone think I get attached at the drop of a hat? I'll have you know that in my youth I let three tomogatchis die without any remorse."

A smile tugged at his lips. "My apologies. I had no idea I was dealing with woman so hardened by life."

"Accepted." She slid her hands up his chest. "What do you think of my offer?"

"I think it sounds perfect."

Better than perfect. She was giving him exactly what he craved. Lust pounded through his body at the thought of having her in his bed again. The need was so strong it helped push back the misgivings pulling at his conscience. Nothing he'd learned about Allison in the past four years had led him

to believe she could be the detached lover she claimed. She was as utterly different from the women he usually dated. But on the other hand, who was he to make choices for her? If she said she could handle no strings, perhaps he should trust that she knew what she was getting into.

She smiled up at him, further quashing his doubt. "Focus on your meeting. We can iron out all the details later."

Reaching up, she smoothed a piece of his hair back into place, with softness in her eyes he hadn't seen before. At least, not when she'd been looking at him.

She turned to go, but he couldn't help reaching out to catch her arm.

"You're sure?" he forced himself to ask.

"Stop asking me that or I'll go proposition another man."

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