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Gun Moll

*4 Sweet like cyanide Nutella Jars*

They met at the right place but at the wrong time. Clean hands & dirty tricks, streets that are paved in gold normally were stained in blood it's destiny vs the mafia so get those guns ready, it's time to aim, shoot and fire.

Malina Morgan at age 25 had one thing clear and that was real life was a bitch , the hands that protected her were taken away to fast and since that moment the ice queen was born. Malina worked hard to be the Alpha in a man's world after being disappointed by the guiltless government she decided to only trust herself. Seeing him once was a coincidence but twice was destiny after consequential encounter Melina was not prepared to be under the spotlight. It took less then 24 hours for her to understand two death sentencing words "Gun Moll".

Moonlight walks.
Same shit. Different face. Nothing ever changed, and Melina was rapidly losing faith in the male species ."

Mac Maccari at twenty six years old was the perfect family man and Soldato *soldier*. Respectful, honorable and loyal to a fault but behind that perfect man Mac was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. Working twice as hard to be made he was on the right path until the target was on his back. Unmade and walking a thin line Mac was trying to get the Pivetti Dons attention in the most safest way possible but what he wasn't expecting was for a pair of russet eyes to keep his attention. Now under the Cosa Nostra watchful gaze Mac was fighting two battles one to clear the Maccari name and two protect his Moll Gun .

" The mob sees a man for what he is underneath his charming smile and nice clothes. A human—one with a word and blood. If his word can’t be trusted, then his blood can be spilled. "

Cosa Nostra lost it's honor a long time ago, The Don didn't need anymore attention to his famiglia and especially the intrusion of a outsider. The rules were clear and friends became deadlier then enemies.

"Every man in the mafia is some other man’s fool. It’s knowing which one you’re willing to be a fool for and who thinks you’re his. Trust me when I say, knowing the two makes all the difference.”

Under the spotlight they never felt so suffocated and with a target on their backs Mac & Melina weren't the only ones coming up with a plan.

" To control. To take. To fuck.
Sometimes simply feeling was needed. Not talking, wondering, or explaining. Simply feeling. The wet heat of her pussy settled on his cock. Melina shifted her hips, letting her core rub against his length with every little movement of her body. Mac grabbed her hips and grinded his cock harder into Melina’s pussy, feeling the tip of his cock glide through the fleshy lips with each flex .”

My thoughts in the end

Let's get one thing clear Bethany Kris knows her shit, also that Luca the Don is bae and I'm freakishly attracted to him that is all. Now this particular book is definitely different compared to the other Mafia books I've read and I've read quite a few if I say so myself. The characters were ridiculously addictive, not just the main duo but literally everyone else involved, this book was much more than a group of men with a hidden sinister agenda it was about the hierarchy of the Cosa Nostra unfolding itself, an organisation is nothing without its men but when the men start deceiving through it all there's much more at stake then a title. With all the fantastic moments in the book I have to mention that Erin Ashley Tanner is definitely an author I'll keep my eyes out for. Mac was all kinds of grand espcially the fact the man was in tune with his feelings which was extremely refreshing, as in you can be the alpha and be human and the same time no extra walls needed. Melina was one helleva women seeing how she could have come off a lot more annoying then intended she was fierce and definitely dove head first into things which has to be one of the reasons why I absolutely enjoyed them. The characters were the ultimate powerhouse , overall this book will have you craving for so much more. Why the four jars well its the ending that didn't settle with me *I will point out that for the story to be more real it was necessary* but me stupid brain couldn't come to terms with it. I highly recommend this book cause you will not be disappointed. 

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Book details & blurb.

by Bethany-Kris & Erin Ashley Tanner
Gun Moll, #1
Publication Date: May 23, 2016
Genres: Interracial Romance, Erotic Romance, Organized Crime

James “Mac” Maccari’s career in the mafia is at a standstill. As the best solider in his Capo’s crew, all he wants is to be noticed enough to get Made in the Pivetti Crime Family. But instead, his Capo’s interests seem more focused on keeping his solider hidden from the boss, and every other Made man he can. Seemingly stuck right where he is with no chance of going up, Mac doesn’t know what will finally get him the attention he needs to earn his button.
Until she shows up and all eyes are on them …
Melina Morgan survives—that’s just what she does. She’s never been able to depend on anyone but herself to keep her safe and get things done. When a chance encounter puts her in a bad situation with the cops and the mafia, Melina has no choice but to put her faith in the hands of a man that not only infuriates her with his cocky arrogance, but catches her interest, too. Playing pretend in a fake relationship with Mac doesn’t seem all that terrible, until pretend turns real and bullets start to fly.
A man is nothing without his woman …
When the attention on Mac and Melina turns from bad to worse, and someone in the Pivetti Crime Family decides the couple needs to go, they know they’re fighting an uphill battle alone. But making it to the end alive means Mac could get what he’s always wanted, and Melina might find what she didn’t even know she needed.
Together, they’ll make waves the mafia has no choice but to notice …

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Bethany-Kris is a Canadian author, lover of much, and mother to three young sons, one cat, and two dogs. A small town in Eastern Canada where she was born and raised is where she has always called home. With her boys under her feet, snuggling cat, barking dogs, and a hubby calling over his shoulder, she is nearly always writing something … when she can find the time.
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Erin Ashley Tanner is the creator of stories featuring fierce females and the men who love them.
Erin is the author of Goddess of Legend, the first in her Demi-God Daughters paranormal romance series. The follow up, Goddess by Chance was released in November 2014.
Dirty Little Secrets, a light organized crime romance was released in June 2015. Her next release, an Organized Crime Romance, Devious Little Lies is scheduled for release in June 2016.

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