Friday, 10 June 2016

Q/A with the Amazing Jennifer Blackwood

Q/A With the Author:

I tend to ask completely stupid questions and you might hate but what the hey I love you so there. First things first How in Nutella heaven did you come with such a strong heroine , is she part of your imagination *I bow to the ground you walk on* or is she a part of someone you know or yourself.

Ans: Thank you so much for having me!! And I’m so glad you enjoyed Lainey—she is one of my favorite characters. All of my female friends are very strong women, much like Lainey, which is where I gathered my inspiration. I drew from my own awkward moments when drafting certain scenes :-)

Q. I have to point this out , how'd you come up with the absolute bang on pet name *the antichrist* I couldn't stop ugly laughing.

Ans: While I was drafting, I was trying to come up with some type of name Lainey could call him that was offensive, but somewhat clean? I don’t think A**hole would have had the same ring to it. So I literally googled “nicknames for people everyone hates.”

Q. I'm not gonna ask how you got into writing cause I'm sure that's the same question you get on repeat but I will ask this will you continue the series as in write about Lainey's bestie Zoey or other new characters?

Ans: Yep! Zoey is the heroine for book two!

Q. I'm so in awe of you right now that I can't even come up with proper questions speaking of proper  when you were writing about Dolce & Gabbana Jackson as a reader It felt very real * I have the irish version of him*, did you come across a Jackson who inspired this character.

Ans: I actually modeled him after the assistant in The Devil Wears Prada—but made him a guy instead of a girl. Then added a few touches like wearing too much cologne and being an overall scrooge of a person.

Q. You described Brogan as a dimpled  tattooed stud muffin do you have anyone to play him in mind? *p.s I've been trolling tumblr for the perfect one and I might have found my version sigh all those delicious naked tumblr models LOL it was worth my time*

Ans: I need to see this tumblr model…just sayin ;-) When I originally wrote Brogan, he didn’t have tattoos. I was actually taking a mythology class at a community college as I drafted and the guy that sat next to me was GORGEOUS. He had full sleeve tattoos and I was like…I need to write this into the book.

Q. This is a random stupid question but what colours are Lainey's eyes *face palm*

Ans: I never did mention this in the story. I kind of did this on purpose so that readers could insert themselves into the story. For reference, she has hazel eyes!

Q. Now to get down and dirty. I was hoping for descriptive sex but that's the pervert in me, as an author do you have a game plan as far as sex is concerned or do you just go with with flow ;).

Ans: Haha. This was actually the first book I didn’t write graphic sex. When I originally wrote this story, I took a step back and was like…wow, this is totally different than anything I’ve written. I was going for a very rom com feel with this one and made the executive decision that fade to black fit the story better than explicit sex. I know some readers may not agree with this, but I had to do what felt right for the book. BUT If you’re into the really steamy stuff, I have a Brazen romance coming out in September that definitely has alllll the dirty, smexy stuff.

Q We've come along way in the reading world from the damsel in distress to kick ass heroines and I just have to say LAINEY is a fucking legend!. Being an author do you ever have to worry about the heroine overpowering the Alpha or that if you make the female too strong your readers might shy away from your books.

Ans: I tend to like strong heroines—I like women who stick up for themselves and aren’t doormats to heroes. I write the character that needs to be writen, but both characters need to have respect for each other. I think if they have this, one won’t overpower the other.

Q.What would you categorize yourself are you a reader first or an author?

Ans: Definitely a reader. I don’t think you can classify yourself as an author if you don’t read. That is how I became a writer.

Q. The Nutella reference *I'm gonna insert a standing ovation gif* heaven almighty do you love Nutella too.

Ans: I’m actually allergic to hazelnuts, so I can’t have it! BUT, I’m sure I would love it otherwise.

Q. Can we get a novella I think we deserve a novella. Puhleeeeeshhhh.

Ans: It really comes down to my publisher. They’d have to approve it if I ever did decide to do one. J

Q. Do you think you'll write away from you genre. 

Ans: I have some plans for the future to expand into other genres. But at the moment, I am just focusing on contemporary romance!

Q I promise this is the second last question . A lot of readers myself included love dual pov, is it hard for authors to switch between writing a female character to doing a 360 for the male pov.

Ans: Both of my previous books had dual POV. This was the first time I’ve written solely in just the female voice. I actually *had* started off writing both her and Brogan into the story, but he wasn’t cooperating, and because of his past, it was turning into a much darker story. I made the executive decision to axe his POV from the story.

Q. Finally thank you for listening to my bantering and reviving the "that's what she said" classic. Good luck with all you new releases and I can't to read more books from you :).

Ans: Thank you for having me on the blog! <3

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