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Gun Moll Q/A with the Authors

Q/A with Bethany Kris & Erin Ashley Tanner 

Q. How in all things awesome did you two come across each other, as in where did it all start?

Bethany: We met through a publisher we were both published with, and got to talking about things (read: shit we didn't like) and that's sort of how we got to be friends. As for how Gun Moll came about, Erin messaged me one day with the term "Gun Moll" but she can explain that. 

Erin: As Bethany said we met through a publisher we previously published with and in the midst of that we became fast friends. We started to talk about collaborating together and the kind of story we wanted to write. I'm a fan of bad ass females so I did some minor research and found the term "Gun Moll," an old time term for the girl who watched her guy's back. I told Bethany we have to do something with this. From there the story was born.

Q. Mac & Melina's story is definitely well written. Were there disagreements on certain aspects of the book?

Bethany: Um, just one, after it was all written, but I think that's private between Erin and I, as it's all a part of the process. So I don't personally want to speak out on it other than to say I think the change we disagreed on but was ultimately made, made the character better, and opinions show that. 

Erin: Just one really and it wasn't earth-shattering or anything like that. Other than that writing the book together was pretty smooth sailing.

Q. Characteristically, are Mac & Melina pure fiction or is there a hint of someone you know? 

Bethany: Melina is pretty much all Erin but for a couple of pieces that I wrote, so you'll have to ask Erin that. As for Mac … I mean, all my heroes have a touch of my hubby in them, something that reminds me of him when I read them or their quirks. Mac is no exception-his kindness and loyalty, I'd say. 

Erin: I wish I knew someone like Melina. She'd be fun to hang around with, but no, Melina is pure fiction, except for her slick mouth sometimes.  Now that part is definitely me. I wanted to create a tough woman that took no nonsense and would be the equal to a man in the lifestyle in every way.

Q. Gun Moll isn't just about the main couple itself * which I love you two for* but the other characters play an important role. After Mac & Melina, will you two write about the secondary characters especially stud muffin Luca?

Bethany: I have to talk to Erin about the Luca thing, lmao! But I do think we'll be writing another series focusing on Luca's daughters. 

Erin: We will have to discuss Luca and where his own story fits into our world.

Q. Now to the good stuff. Sex, ladies. As authors have you at least tried the positions you've written or did you write them from experience ;) 

Bethany: I always write from experience, it's always better when you know what you're writing about. ;) I don't write something and then try it, I've tried it all long ago and put that knowledge to good use. 

Erin: Umm…Most.

Q. Threeway time *it was bound to happen* Who would qualify in a Threeway with Mac & Melina, or each character separately with two lucky people *fictional or real*

Bethany: Mac would never agree to that, LMAO. Sorry. ;) 

Erin: No one. Melina definitely is not into that.

Q I love Luca *bae* who wrote him and can you please publicly state that he in fact belongs to me.

Bethany: I wrote Luca from both Mac's POV and Melina's during that first meeting, as there was a lot of mob stuff happening and I think Erin said at the time that she just felt more comfortable with me writing him. Any time he was seen from Mac's eyes, that was me. I think Erin would agree there-Luca just sort of came out like that. 

I can't say he's yours when he clearly has Neeya! ;) 

Erin: Luca is all Bethany.

Q. I get cold knees *yes cold knees it's a super power* when I order food, you two being authors what does it feel like when you send your babies out in the world *please describe in the most unusual way possible like when I order food, liquid nitrogen on my knees I've never handled liquid nitrogen but master chef has made me into a french chef*

Bethany: Uh, I used to get really nervous. Like cold sweat, clenched fists, sick to my stomach nervous. Now I just shut the computer off and go about my day. It is easier, and I don't want my job to stress me out. After 23 books being published, I still get that anticipation feel when a book releases, but the nervousness is mostly gone. And thank God for that, because I have enough anxiety as it is. 

Erin: I still get nervous, like biting my nails, butterflies in my stomach nervous. At the end of the day you've poured your blood, sweat and tears into a novel and you hope people love it as much as you do.

Q. Mac &Melina's story is being made into a movie but it's not technically like the book and the actors aren't quite who you had in mind for the parts. Would you still go through with it *keep in mind you're getting a lot of mula for it*

Bethany: If I ever got a movie deal, I am sorry to say I would have to be very involved in the process. I wrote my characters a certain way-I don't want to see them be portrayed in a way that makes them less than what I created them to be. So, no. 

Erin: I want creative say because casting is very, very important. The wrong person in a role can destroy the entire movie.

Q. With the good comes bad. Do you two read your reviews including the not so nice ones?

Bethany: I read reviews I am linked to, I do not go looking for reviews that are bad. I don't need the stress, or the feelings of being less than to someone who read my novels, but didn't write them. 

Erin: I read all my reviews. I just want to get a pulse of what people are saying, good and bad. Do I get angry about some of them? Hell yes, but at the end of the day it's just an opinion and I know I did the best that I could.

Q. You two love your readers *I can tell LOL or I'm in denial* What's the one thing you enjoy about them?

Bethany: I love how excited my readers get-that they're always so invested in my worlds. It's always great to chat with them, they make the more difficult parts of this career worth it. 😁 <3 

Erin: I love when they message or tweet me about how much they enjoyed something I wrote. It gives me a little more motivation to keep doing it.

Q. Reader-author relationship is like salt and vinegar crisps and over the few months it sometimes get really salty. What's your stance on the delicate relationship as in "Do's & Don't's"? 

Bethany: Respect is just my word of the day where readers are concerned. Readers sometimes forget that authors are humans, not machines. And we have bad days, attitudes, and sometimes we hate looking into the mirror. Just like anyone else. 

Professionalism is best. 

Erin: Don't ever rant at someone, no matter how much their review or words may hurt you. Maintain your professionalism. At the same time readers need to be aware of how difficult it is to write a novel and all the stress that comes with it.

Q. Bethany, please describe your character using one quote and Erin describes yours the same way.

Bethany: From the book? 

"I also like good food, a hard fuck, and a Sunday morning prayer." - Mac Maccari

Erin: "Just so that there's no misunderstanding about just what kind of service I provide for you, I'm an escort. I'm not a whore or a prostitute. If and when I decide to fuck a man, it's on my terms and because I want to." - Melina

Q.  Once this series is over will you two consider collaborating again?

Bethany: For sure. 😊

Erin: Definitely

Q . Pick a favourite family to write about Russians, Italians, Irish or some others. As in they're all pretty much not legal *to put in a subtle way* but whose way of life do you two enjoy learning about?

Bethany: I'm more familiar with Italians, but I love Russians, and I'm enjoying learning about the Irish-because I am going there soon. ;) 

Erin: Nothing like an Italian man.

Q.  Is your Google history questionable and list the first 3 things you searched last on Google. 

Bethany: Ha, ok … Thankfully, mine aren't too bad. 

Green eyes, blonde hair. 

Gray eyes. 

No bake cheesecake. 

Erin: Hmm…How to tell if you're pregnant, arsenic, Marilyn Monroe. A weird little mix.

Q. Theme music to Mac & Melina's life and / or the whole book itself. Please list a song or song for any of the secondary characters that stand out as well.

Bethany: Our playlist for the book is here: 

But I think World War Me by Theory of a Deadman fits Luca really well, too: 

Erin: Beyonce, "Six Inch Heels," is Melina to a tee.

Q. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE come to Ireland? *not really a question haha*

Bethany: Someday! Tis on my list. J 

Erin: I'd love to come to Ireland. 

Q. How do you pronounce pecan. Is it Pe-Caaaan or Pe-Coooon *it's a vital question*

Bethany: Pe-Can. 

Erin: Pe-Can.

Q. For my sanity pick a Sex gif to represent how frigging hot your book is and why people need to pick it up.

Bethany: Hmmm …. 

Q. And finally describe each other in a gif or a quote.

Bethany: LOL, I think I *know* what kind of GIF Erin would pick for me. 

But for her, I'd say … 


Thank you so much :) 

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