Saturday, 4 June 2016

Chance to win incredible Arc

We Want Arc Yes We Do!

If you are an avid reader then as you know there's nothing more incredible then an ARC. What the hell is an Arc well its stands for

A= Advance 

R= Reader 

C= Copy

Le gasp yes an actual advance copy as in if you're reading a book and book 2 comes out after 7 months , authors give out Arc to a bunch of lucky readers who review honestly. So that means while everyone else is waiting on the book lucky as already read & loved it 👑.

Courtesy of the none other then the legendary Alessandra Torre & her bestie SueBee. If you haven't read Alessandra books then what are you doing seriously go check them out and if your a fan of her work then you know she has the coolest group on GR that keeps growing and growing , join Shh *Smut, Heroes & HEAs to get some major awesomeness*

Now do I have the best competition for you, get a chance to win Arc from not only one author but loads of them. And it's all in super easy steps *no sacrificial unicorn blood needed* all you need to do is join Good reads HOTTEST and I mean HOTTEST groups that is hosted by even hotter ladies so let's get this party started. It's not just for Readers but Authors too, sign up and meet your new fans!. Authors take part in offering an Arc and watch the Shh members love your characters. More Authors + More Arc= Happy readers😁

Follow these steps to enter a chance to win some This SUMMERS hottest Arc *Good luck* Hosted by SHH.

Follow these steps to your reader paradise *Competition open to all countries, must be a good reads member & of SHH Group *of not sign up ASAP to it and welcome your new addiction* links and details all provided below.

●Step One

💋To participate, first join group: 

💋Then, RSVP to the event:

💋Browse Buzz Book Event thread:

💋Get organized with Buzz Books Calendar:

●Step Two:

💋Enter ARC Giveaway:

💋Author sign up   
Summer Buzz Book Event is  hosted by Shh… [Smut, Heroes & HEAs…] with Alessandra, a Goodreads fan group of New York Times & USA Today bestselling author, Alessandra Torre.

Note: After signing up to Shh & RSVPing the event further instructions will be given *They are extremely easy*

Reasons why to join Shh:

For readers:

1.ALESSANDRA TORRE! Need I say more. If you haven't read her books I suggest you put Google to good use and get her books ASAP cause you're ready to meet your new book husband.

2.You'll meet the most amazing bunch of people you'd ever known in your life.

3. Shh is a loving family so everyone's welcome 😊 *psst no drama*

4. We are the smuttiest bunch ever.

5. Whips & chains excite us *no role play* but erotica,  Smut and all things sexy galore is our fantasy.

6. At all times and I mean ALL TIMES keep an extra pair of underwear cause as stated before we love our kinky books.

7. Friends become family and that's what Shh is all about whether you just want to chat about a book you really loved or just general chit chat the shh sexy family has got your covered.

8. We've got authors who are legends in the the erotic world *psst and some of them are dudes*

9. IndieStar chat is a week where we chat with authors *yes authors* for an entire WEEK! We've got some big names under out belt so sign up and maybe you could be chatting with your favourite author soon.

10. Shh is the smuttiest group on GR and GR is a big community so we're basically the red light district of GR *obviously there are rules but trust me their minor ones and very useful for you*

11.This isn't out first awesome competition we do these a lot so as we grower bigger are prizes get better.

12. Do ya really need anymore reasons , join or group and you'll seriously fall in love.

For Authors:

1. Even though Alessandra is a author herself she loves to invite other authors in her family cause she's just an amazing person like that and also to meet new readers.

2. Shh members have the bestest reviews *it's a fact now*

3. We have as stated before IndieChat in which authors and readers connect , we are respectable and hella fun. *don't worry we'll be gentle*

3. The moderator SueBee or Queen B to us is one of the most nicest and helpful people around and she's there to guide you step by step. *you'll understand why she's known as Queen B*

4. We are a family , so are you.

5. Funniest thread alive *not even joking*

6. Great way to get your amazing book noticed.

7. Proven fact once authors join us they never want to go.

8. S.M.U.T.

9. look at reason 1 to 8 again.


For those wondering which authors are taking part here are some of them *this is not the whole list*:








I'm a bitch ;). Want to know more well the hurry up and join shh and get a chance to win some amazing books. *click link below to see the entire list of authors that will be participating, the books that are up for grabs. Click down ⬇⬇⬇*


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